No to warehouses


Warehouses…we don’t want them.

Here are some reasons why we should not have warehouses anywhere in Hillsborough:

  • The road infrastructure was not built for heavy trucks, heavy duty trucks and tractor trailers. We end up paying for repairs.
  • Even when the road is two lanes each way, the intersections are not built for trucks or tractor trailers. The trucks end up crossing into other lanes.
  • Environmental damage/air pollution. Warehouse operation by-products are released into the air and stream into bodies of water and cause significant damage to the soil. The building of warehouses means less trees and soil. Depending on what the warehouse contains, chemicals can leech into the air, soil and waterways.
  • Trucks and tractor trailers cause traffic delays — they simply do not accelerate at the same speed as cars and small vehicles. Idling causes air quality issues.
  • Most trucks and tractor trailers must warm up—this creates both noise and air issues.
  • Noise – we live in a largely residential town; the noise is detrimental to our peace and health, as well as harmful to wildlife and the environment. The noise comes not only from the operation of the trucks, but from loading and the increased workforce.
  • Accidents — there are more and more accidents with trucks and tractor trailers every day.
  • Property value — warehouses built near homes will have a negative effect on the value on the homes near the warehouse.
  • Warehouses in Hillsborough negatively impact our neighboring towns.
  • Due to all the above, all and any trucks should have a separate entrance to major highways — we have none in Hillsborough.

I want to live in a healthy environment…and that means no warehouses.

Leigh Freeman