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Monmouth County officials address COVID-19 crisis

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty, as we are all dealing with COVID-19, we wanted to let each and every one of you know...

‘Disingenuous politicians’ work to fool citizens

By RoseAnn Scotti The Trump administration is suing New Jersey to block its rules that limit law enforcement cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement...

Timing is everything when it comes to suicide prevention

As the old adage goes, Timing is Everything. A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join a new suicide task...

Honesty in government is not an oxymoron

I sent letters to my Congressional representatives and to the Judiciary Committee chairs and ranking members on May 10, 2019. It is disgusting that...

Preservation of greenbelt is a positive step for Allentown

I am writing in response to the Examiner article " 'Greenbelt Team' Will Assist Town." I am pleased to read about the recent efforts...

Big improvements can start with small changes

I am writing in response to the article " 'Greenbelt Team' Will Assist Town." Personally, after receiving resources at James Madison University, I have...

No need for 287(g) program in Monmouth County

I grew up on a farm in Monmouth County and am a strong believer in that adage attributed to farmers: “If it ain’t broke...

Resident endorses Fritts for mayor

Everyone is aware of how successful and how much Tom Fritts has done on the Allentown Borough Council for the past two-plus years, but...

Allentown resident supports Fritts for mayor

I am supporting Borough Council President Thomas Fritts for mayor of Allentown. In his three years on the council he has an impressive record. As...

Resident endorses Westfall, Johnson, Braunworth

I want to offer my recommendation for the upcoming election for Allentown mayor and Borough Council members. Mayor Gregory Westfall has been invested, involved and...

Energy efficiency crucial for New Jersey’s future

By Michele S. Byers Imagine two light bulbs side by side. One is a 12-watt LED bulb and the other is a traditional 60-watt incandescent...

Moritorium on development proposed in New Jersey

With traffic increasing at an alarming rate in New Jersey, with the loss of open space and farmland, with the quality of water and...

Massive bird losses should be ‘a rallying call to action’

By Michele S. Byers Bird watchers all over New Jersey have been feeling something amiss. "I see lots of backyard birds like cardinals and robins, but...

Director thanks local Fresh Air Fund host families

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Fresh Air Fund host families and volunteer leaders in central and southern New Jersey....

October celebrated as National Reading Group Month

October is National Reading Group Month and an excellent time to make the public aware of the number and variety of reading groups and...

Dinner at Baird House was enjoyable event

My wife and I and friends had a wonderful evening on Sept. 21 at the Baird House where a gourmet dinner hosted by the...

Get rid of the ‘bad apples’ of land conservation

By Michele S. Byers Farmers have long known that one rotten apple is enough to spoil the whole bunch. In the land conservation business, a...

Resident endorses Nelson and Penna for freeholder

Monmouth County freeholders need board members with fresh perspectives. That is why I am voting for Moira Nelson and Michael Penna. Mr. Penna is a...
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