Breathing Space


Thu, Apr 15, 2021    
7:30 pm

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Sponsored by The Jewish Center Princeton

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Fear. Cold weather. Rock hard abs. Stiffness that comes with aging. Tax Day looming… There are many reasons we tend to contract the chest and abdomen and even hold the breath. When this becomes habitual and unconscious, it robs us of our birthright—the potential for a full breath out and in, proportional to any situation. Restricted breathing can also be a factor in problems with balance, back pain, constipation, and emotional issues. Using imagination and gentle touch, this lesson is designed to restore the vitality of your spontaneous breathing. Part of the lesson may be done lying down on the floor or bed, and it’s recommended to have a couple of towels available for support. Suitable for anyone who breathes.

Barbara Zera Abramson is a teacher of the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education, an mind-body awareness practice that accesses the brain’s neuroplasticity to reduce pain and improve movement and learning. She joined The Jewish Center upon moving to Princeton in 1993 with her husband, Bernard, and children, Louis and Galia.


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