Diabetes Care Month: Diabetes During a Pandemic

Wed, May 5 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Free

Diabetes affects your life everyday. The COVID-19 pandemic further underscores the need to manage blood sugar, especially as individuals living with diabetes are more likely to develop serious complications if they contract coronavirus. Through presentations from keynote speakers, including a speaker on research and care through a COVID lens, this section will help those living with diabetes to understand what to expect as the pandemic subsides and we begin to return to The “new normal.” Speakers in this section will also talk about the importance of regular screenings and early treatment of potential diabetes complications.
This is session one of four exciting weeks of programming during the Diabetes Foundation’s Diabetes Care Month presented by leading experts that will provide you with valuable insights about caring for your health.
Visit https://diabetesfoundationinc.org/caremonth/ to RSVP for this session and learn more Diabetes Care Month.