What Made Me Think I Can Build A Guitar?


Mon, Feb 22, 2021    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Sponsored by The Jewish Center Princeton
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A Look At How A Guitar Works And The Nature Of Craftsmanship
With David Schiff
Interactive Zoom Class

For four decades, David Schiff has found ways to make a living combining two passions: words and wood. After 10 years as a newspaper reporter who renovated his own 1860s home, David became a writer and editor of how-to books about home improvement and woodworking. A guitar player since age 8, he’d spent many hours holding this wonderful instrument in his arms, but really had no idea how the thing works. How does this lightly built box withstand up to 200 pounds of string pressure while producing beautiful sound?

To find out, he decided to build one. Now on his second guitar, David is far from an accomplished luthier. But now he understands the basic physics and he will give you an overview of that, including some photos of how a guitar is assembled.

David believes that becoming a craftsperson is much more about determination, passion and practice than it is about any particular talent. Still, in the days before the internet, the only way to learn crafts like luthiery was to go to a school. Now there are extensive resources online that make it possible to pursue a craft on one’s own—whether you want to make guitars, weld metal sculptures or blow glass. David will share his journey and if we are lucky, others in the session will have valuable experiences to share too.



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