WEST WINDSOR: Elect Louisa Ho to school board


Diane Hasling, West Windsor
The job of a school board member is not to run the schools, but to ensure schools are well run. This means monitoring what is happening in the present as well as working with all school constituents to envision the future. There are two West Windsor candidates for school board who understand this and have the experience and skills to move our district forward.
Louisa Ho brings analytical abilities, organizational skills and creativity — not a typical combination — to everything she does. This is less surprising when one learns that she has degrees from MIT and had a career in transportation logistics and management for years.
As one of the managers of the WW-P Girl Scout Service Unit, Louisa strives to provide activities for troops and support for leaders so that girls have interactive educational, service and leadership experiences, all while having fun. Our Service Unit is one of the first to create a Girl Scout Robotics team — which has gone to Worlds — and our robotics groups reach out to students from grade school through high school to share their knowledge.
I believe Louisa’s ability to create innovative educational options in Scouting illustrates the open-minded approach she brings to envisioning education in the 21st century. Louisa’s passion for helping youth become all they can be is the driving force behind her continuing commitment to our school board.
Richard Kaye brings 44 years of experience in education to the board. He has worked at the local, state and national levels as a teacher, principal, research study member and chair, consultant and board member.
I first met Richard when he was selected to join the district’s Strategic Planning Core Team in 2004. His thoughtful insights helped that team craft the mission and core goals under which the district has operated for the past decade. He has since served on the WW-P school board for nine years. Richard’s presence on the school board going forward could benefit all in the district, as he is someone interested in hearing from all sides on both day-to-day issues and as part of a future strategic plan.
I hope you will join me in supporting Louisa Ho and Richard Kaye on Nov. 8. 
Diane Hasling 
West Windsor 
Note: The author is a past member of the WW-P school board. 