WEST WINDSOR: Louisa Ho will work for better education system


Micki Kermani, West Windsor
I am writing in support of Louisa Ho, to be re-elected to the WW-P Board of Education.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Louisa since 2002, when our sons were in kindergarten together. I have never met someone as dedicated to the well being of their community as Louisa is. She is straightforward, and constantly makes the best choices for our children, without letting popular opinion dictate the decisions that must be made.
Despite her last child graduating in 2015, she has continued to be an active member in the district’s education system, as well as a fantastic Service Unit manager for WWP Girl Scouts. It is an honor to work with her in our Service Unit, and to see the extent of leadership and fairness which she uses in both the Scouts and our education system; it is simply unparalleled. She is constantly going above and beyond to ensure that events run smoothly and that good decisions are being made.
She is frugal in her decisions and makes sure there is no unnecessary spending of the taxpayers money and at the same time, her best interests are always in the children of the district; making sure that they always come first.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for a candidate who will work relentlessly to make our education system better, who will use their unequaled leadership skills for the good of our schools, and who will always have the backs of our children, then you’re looking to cast your vote for Louisa Ho on Nov. 8. 
Micki Kermani 
West Windsor 