Sheriff’s officers equipped with body-worn cameras


Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden has announced the deployment of 30 body-worn cameras with which sheriff’s officers of the criminal fugitive warrants section in the Law Enforcement Division were equipped on Jan. 12.

The cameras were purchased through a grant provided by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General’s Department of Law and Public Safety, and administered by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, according to a press release.

“These cameras will build upon the public trust that sheriff’s officers and our partners in law enforcement have in communities and enhance the safety of the residents we serve throughout Monmouth County,” Golden said. “In addition to the cameras being able to hold all accountable at a scene, they can also help capture quality evidence, recognize officer behavior and decrease complaints filed against members of law enforcement.”

The cameras, which are clipped to the front of an officer’s uniform, are called Body Vision XV and are manufactured by L3 Mobile Vision. The officers using the equipment have been trained on the electronic recording technology which includes video and audio of an incident, according to the press releas.

“The sheriff’s office has been using the L-3 Mobile Vision in-car camera system for police vehicles and prisoner transport for many years, with great success,” Golden said. “The body-worn cameras are another step and innovative approach toward building ties and strengthening the trust among law enforcement and communities.”