HILLSBOROUGH: Endorsement letter for Jane Staats


Andrew Martins, Managing Editor
To the editor,
I am writing this letter today to endorse Jane Staats and her candidacy for Hillsborough Township Committee. I have known Jane for the past three years, as she has volunteered significant amounts of her time to helping the Hillsborough High School theater program paint sets. Even prior to my time as Theater Director, Jane was a staple in the HHS theater community; using her amazing talents as an artist, she has bestowed many astounding set pieces upon the theatre department.
When I first met Jane, I was in the process of directing and producing my first full-length musical. Jane, knowing that I was new to the program, reached out to me and immediately offered her services of painting the set pieces. I graciously accepted the help, and I was delighted to discover not only her natural talent for painting, but also her incredible desire to dedicate her time to students in her community.
Jane is incredibly hardworking, and exhibits a true passion for giving to others. The students are always thrilled to see her, and they truly cherish her support for their program. Furthermore, she always focuses on finishing her paint projects for our sets in accordance with our hectic production schedule. Jane is always willing to offer a helping hand; our productions would not be nearly as high quality without her incredible skills.
Beyond her volunteering, Jane is a truly thoughtful and compassionate woman. She always has the interest of others at heart. One of her greatest qualities is her ability to take care of others. Several months ago, I sustained a minor head injury. As I was reaching out online for advice, Jane contacted me directly. She called and asked what my symptoms were, and offered to drive me to the hospital in order to assure that I was all right. Despite the fact that it was late on a Sunday evening, Jane made my health and safety a priority, something I know she would do for anybody in need.
Jane Staats is truly an individual who wants to make a difference for the Hillsborough community. She is invaluable to our student organization, and has proven repeatedly to be reliable, compassionate and attentive.
For the aforementioned reasons, it gives me great pleasure to fully endorse Jane Staats for the Hillsborough Township Committee.
Casie Fitzgerald