Howell resident asks township for traffic light

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Thank you very much for the beautiful solar four-way stop signs at Newtons Corner and Allenwood-Lakewood roads in the Ramtown section of Howell. The only thing they will do is warn people they are approaching a four-way stop.

They will do very little to stop the congestion and confusion for those who do not know what a four-way stop means. Most people want to hurry through before the next person gets ahead of them.

You will still have your collisions, horns blasting and people getting verbally abusive until there is a proper traffic light installed. Living only 50 yards from that four-way stop, I hear and see the problems every day.

At that stop a driver can make several different turns and no one gives way to anyone else. Then there is the confusion if an emergency vehicle needs the right of way.

Sometimes motorcyclists will try to zoom past everyone without looking for turning traffic. Then there are the large tractor-trailers that share the same road that is too narrow for them and not enough room is given for a proper turn.

Do the right thing and place a traffic light in this area before a fatality occurs. After all, the life you save may be your own.

Louis DeLaura