Individuals with disabilities should be included in the workforce

Business networking

Before becoming the director of Project HIRE, The Arc of New Jersey’s support employment program for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, I worked for the organization as a job coach.

Employment training specialists, or job coaches, assist people with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining independent, competitive employment through practical on-the-job task training and preparation for pre-employment procedures such as interviews and the application process. From my experiences during that time, I can attest that more businesses in New Jersey would greatly benefit from hiring people with disabilities and that many are losing out by not doing so. Individuals with disabilities, just like those without disabilities, want to be included in the workforce and find value in a salary that was earned, not given.

Research and studies show time and again that employing people with disabilities benefits businesses. That’s because hiring people with disabilities typically leads to lower turnover, increased productivity and access to a broader pool of workers. As we recognize October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I encourage businesses across the state, both big and small, to hire more employees with disabilities. It’s both a good business decision and a sound investment in your workforce.

Adam Kubler
Director, Project HIRE
The Arc of New Jersey
North Brunswick