Resident endorses Westfall, Johnson, Braunworth

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

I want to offer my recommendation for the upcoming election for Allentown mayor and Borough Council members.

Mayor Gregory Westfall has been invested, involved and proactive during his term. He cares deeply about our town. I have found he will investigate any complaint or concern that is brought to his attention.

His work on the rehabilitation of our water treatment plant has been ongoing and it continues to be a priority.

There was and now there isn’t a very dead, very dangerous oak tree on my neighbor’s property. Mayor Westfall listened to my concerns for the safety of pedestrians, homeowners and vehicles. He brought the situation to the attention of the Shade Tree Commission. It was determined the tree was a hazard.

After several attempts to contact the owner/investor and have him remove the tree, with no response, the tree was removed by the borough. A lien was placed on the property to recoup the cost.

There is currently a lot of rehabilitation of homes on Church Street. I credit the mayor and his administration with getting the ball rolling. The abandoned property ordinance seems to be jogging the owners into action. I think we can look forward to increased property values and a much prettier town.

In my opinion, Gregory Westfall and his ticket of Martha Johnson and Tom Braunworth will be an asset to Allentown.

Go to the polls or mail in your ballot. We need strong, involved leadership that listens to residents and puts the borough above politics and influence. I believe Westfall, Johnson and Braunworth are the ticket for Allentown.

Andrea Seabridge