Matawan council introduces $63K bond ordinance for street improvements

MATAWAN–The Borough Council introduced a $63,000 bond ordinance to provide funding for Phase III improvements as part of the Main Street Streetscape Project.

Mayor Joseph Altomonte said that the Main Street Streetscape is a project planned to improve the appearance of Main Street. The project started two years ago and Phases I and II have already been completed.

“It will improve the appearance of the downtown and historic district of Matawan, and make it accessible for patrons, residents and commuters. A major benefit of this project is that it will provide a pleasant ambiance in downtown and historic Matawan, and an appropriate setting for the numerous historic buildings in town. Patrons will have safe and amicable walking accessibility to the library, post office, shops and restaurants as a result of the proposed improvements,” Altomonte said in a prepared statement.

Altomonte said that the improvements for Phase III will include replacing the existing sidewalk with a new decorative sidewalk where necessary; installing new benches, trash receptacles, and bike racks; installing pedestrian-scale decorative light fixtures; planting street trees; installing Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) curb ramps is necessary.
For Phase III of the project, Altomonte said, “On the east side of Main Street, the work area is located between Park Avenue and approximately 50 feet south of Center Street, [basically] 300 linear feet. On the west side of Main street, the work area is located between Fountain Avenue and Spring Street, [basically] 220 linear feet.”

The council approved and introduced the $63,000 bond ordinance to provide improvements for Phase III of the Main Street Streetscape, which will cost $65,500 on Dec. 3 during the council meeting at the Matawan Municipal Community Center.

Altomonte said that the borough will make a $3,500 payment to cover the remaining amount for the improvements.

The second and final reading will be on Dec. 17, according to the council agenda.

Altomonte said that phase III of the project will start this spring.

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