News Transcript On Campus


The University of Delaware, Newark, Del., has named the following area residents to the dean’s list for the 2020 spring semester: Sara Katz of Marlboro, Shivani Parekh of Freehold, Christopher Anello of Freehold, Daria Ben-Ezra of Marlboro, Jamie DiMario of Freehold, Danielle Gancz of Morganville, Charles Lambert of Morganville, Amanda Lashenick of Manalapan, Jacob Levine of Manalapan, Yichong Ma of Colts Neck.

And, Jacob Parish of Marlboro, Melissa Silverio of Manalapan, Allison Stephenson of Freehold, Cole Weinstock of Freehold, Emily Shapow of Manalapan, Gianna Castellani of Manalapan, Ashley Torres of Freehold, Aileen McNelis of Colts Neck, Brianna Licciardi of Manalapan, Emily Uribe of Morganville, Erin Lindquist of Freehold.

Also, Gabrielle Daum of Morganville, Stephen Wemple of Freehold, Sarah Geissler of Colts Neck, Christopher Tommolino of Colts Neck, Gregory Lucarelli of Colts Neck, Ben Sammarco of Colts Neck, Falynn DeBlase of Colts Neck, Tomi-Lynn Paolino of Colts Neck, Kaitlyn Fennell of Manalapan, Donovan Martire of Englishtown, Nicole Carara of Manalapan, Briana Vuoso of Manalapan.

And, Julia Adamkiewicz of Manalapan, Taylor Fliegelman of Manalapan, Seth Wisniewski of Manalapan, Taylor Giovanniello of Manalapan, Elena Riccardi of Englishtown, Vincent Conte of Manalapan, Cody Wiener of Manalapan, Scott Katz of Manalapan, Rachel Cohen of Manalapan, Lindsey Zadok of Manalapan, Courtney Blonder of Manalapan, Kaitlin Valentin of Manalapan.

Also, Skyla Valoroso of Manalapan, Joshua Weintraub of Manalapan, Danielle Mella of Freehold, Jennifer Vitale of Freehold, Danielle Bimonte of Freehold, Jake Basso of Freehold, Luke McLaughlin of Freehold, Connor Griffin of Freehold, Nicole Martinez of Freehold, Antonia Bradley of Freehold, Nina Baccinelli of Freehold, Alana Vazquez of Marlboro, Nicole Avramenko of Marlboro, Justin Polkowitz of Marlboro.

And, Sarah Tropper of Marlboro, Brandon Silverstein of Marlboro, Jayne Cleary of Marlboro, Lauren Gomez of Morganville, Benjamin Olarsch of Morganville, Joshua Grun of Morganville, Brianna Kaplan of Morganville, Jacob Wasserman of Morganville, Edward Spinello of Morganville, Victoria Parsons of Morganville, Caroline Posner of Morganville, Jessica Chin of Morganville.

Also, Shaun Lederman of Morganville, Holley Nitsberg of Marlboro, Gregory Solla of Freehold, Meghan Summonte of Freehold, Matt Volk of Colts Neck, Stephanie Badea of Freehold, Jake Rosen of Marlboro, Carly Cooper of Marlboro, Justin Krauss of Freehold, Sophie Zaidman of Marlboro, Alexa Steensen of Morganville, Jayne Schiff of Freehold, Melissa Brutzman of Manalapan.

And, Landon Goldman of Morganville, Kayla Derby of Freehold, Casey Moran of Marlboro, Caitlin Grassi of Freehold, Catherine McDermott of Colts Neck, Mollie Patmore of Manalapan, Danielle Blume of Manalapan, Julia Bachar of Freehold, Henry Fidlow of Manalapan, Kaitlin Sukhai of Manalapan, Evan Battaglia of Morganville, Andrew Garcia of Manalapan.

Also, Victoria Ochlan of Freehold, Courtney Ostrowiak of Manalapan, Allison Robbins of Englishtown, Anna Juliano of Freehold, Erin Potter of Freehold, Derek Victor of Manalapan, William Goldhecht of Morganville, Antoinette Murphy of Freehold, Alexandra Pisano of Manalapan, Hailey Levin of Freehold, Madeline Napolitano of Morganville, Julia Bellino of Manalapan, Christopher Bostel of Manalapan.

And, Katherine Koontz of Colts Neck, Michael Poosikian of Marlboro, Anna Guinee of Freehold, Carly Daum of Freehold, Luke Maccariello of Manalapan, Daniel DeBlasio of Manalapan, Dylan Perry of Marlboro, Margaret Sulzberg of Manalapan, Emily Silman of Marlboro, James Spucches of Freehold, Jordan Kaplan of Manalapan, Kayla Mulhern of Freehold.

Also, Ryan Pongrac of Freehold, Madison Cleary of Freehold, Daniel Ianelli of Colts Neck, Anthony Giliberti of Marlboro, Samantha Penczak of Colts Neck, Matthew Caputo of Marlboro, Noah Katz of Freehold, Brandon Thomas of Marlboro, Megan Freedman of Morganville, Zoryana Harhas of Manalapan, Mackenzie Ricci of Morganville, Mary Amen of Manalapan.

And, Kayla Cirrincione-Tucker of Manalapan, Lindsey Freedman of Morganville, Nichole Crawford of Freehold, Carly Coulombe of Freehold, Michael Boliver of Marlboro, Connor McSorley of Colts Neck, Sarah Madison of Freehold, Declan Martin of Manalapan, Michael Ottone of Freehold, Luke Nestorowicz of Marlboro, Gabriella Cammarata of Manalapan, Hannah Christopher of Colts Neck, Katelyn Morie of Freehold.

Also, Brooke Benigno of Marlboro, Haley Colbert of Marlboro, Sydney Dictrow of Marlboro, Dana DiSerio of Marlboro, Anthony DiSimone of Morganville, Marissa Falcone of Manalapan, Julia Gordon of Manalapan, Olivia Imburgio of Freehold, Jacob Krupp of Marlboro, Alexander Kuchuk of Manalapan, Alex Lucarelli of Colts Neck, Jason Maldonado of Freehold, Brianna Maniaci of Marlboro, Jacob Miller of Manalapan.

And, Cristina Montanti of Marlboro, Jake Mostowsky of Freehold, Justin Rowe of Morganville, Jessica Siminerio of Manalapan, Christopher Spagnolia of Freehold, Emma Steinberg of Morganville, Sydney Tankard of Morganville, Nicholas Teutonico of Morganville, Matthew Valoroso of Manalapan, Kyle Von Nessen of Manalapan and Alexandra Zurzolo of Manalapan.

Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Conn., announced that the following area residents have earned degrees:

From Colts Neck – Abigail Burtone, Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy; Jillian Knox, Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations; Alec Mintz, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Marketing; Jacqueline Scilla, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Integrated Communications.

From Freehold – Tyler Amberger, Master of Business Administration; Amanda Hunt, Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies; Calli Jackson, Bachelor of Science in Marketing; Elizabeth Jasko, Master of Business Administration; Zachary Krauss, Master of Business Administration; Anthony Meleo, Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Sara Weiss, Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies.

From Manalapan – Julia Bava, Master of Business Administration; Jamie Larkin, Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies; Brooke Newman, Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy; Shelby Starker, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

From Marlboro – Sarah Daghestani, Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies; Nicolette Fino, Master of Health Science/Physican Assistant; Jonathan Ng, Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems; Aymaan Rehman, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Integrated Communications; Madeline Chiapperino, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; Michael Notkin, Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems; Jessica Ruderman, Master of Science in Interactive Media and Communications; Briana Scotti, Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy; and Steven Zindel, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Marketing.