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Montgomery officially establishes speed limits for 10 roadways

Outside view of the new municipal center in Montgomery Township. Photo by Andrew Harrison

Speed limits for 10 roadways in Montgomery Township have been “officially codified” through an ordinance.

“This ordinance was a collaboration between our police department and engineering department. All of these roads did not have speed limits officially codified,” Township Administrator Lori Savron said.

The township also seeks to establish a mid-block crosswalk on Scarborough Road.

A speed study and the background work for the ordinance and speed limits has been completed.

The roadways focused on in the ordinance are Ascot Lane, Cheshire Lane, Mayfair Road, Saratoga Lane, Scarborough Road, Surrey Lane, Van Aken Road, Windsor Road, Pin Oak Road, and Mountain View Road.

Nine out of the 10 roadways will have 25 miles per her (mph) as the established speed limit for both directions of the streets. The 25-mph speed limit will go for the entire length of each street.

The Mountain View Road speed limit will be 35 mph, but also go the entire length of the street and in both directions.

The ordinance also designated a mid-block crosswalk on Scarborough Road.

Location of the mid-block crosswalk begins about 255 feet south of the curb line of Saratoga Lane and extends six feet.

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