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THE STATE WE’RE IN: Cowtown and rare grassland birds, perfect together

Grant Harris took a bold step last week when he preserved nearly 375 acres of grasslands surrounding his famous Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove Township, the...

Automatic voter registration becomes law, assembly passes minimum age for primaries

An effort to increase voter registration throughout the state became law Tuesday afternoon, as Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill that introduces automatic voter...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Fight light pollution during International Dark Sky Week

Step outside at night and gaze up at the sky. Do you see a dim orangey glow? If so, you’re experiencing the modern problem...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: New film tells story of how Petty’s Island was saved

Imagine a 500-acre island oasis for birds and wildlife, and an urban nature education center, in the Delaware River between Camden and Philadelphia. Fifteen years...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Welcome spring in a county park

In spite of another snowstorm on the first day of spring, it’s impossible to ignore that spring is here. And lots of snow-weary New...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Grab a friend and go outside!

It’s a beautiful day and you’ve got some free time. Will you spend it outdoors in nature or hanging out with your friends? Don’t...

Spring brings eternal hopes

The bare Forsythia bushes next to my house have started to be speckled with small yellow buds, while not far away a daffodil sprout...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Recycle your way to zero waste

Trash seems to be an inevitable part of life in our modern culture. But is it possible to reduce your garbage by half? How...
Matt Denton

Spirit of young airmen evident at Air Force base

I don’t remember the date in the early '50s, that as part of a U.S. Army team I drove a battle-ready tank off the...

People, dogs join together to fight cancer

On Sunday, April 29, volunteers from the American Cancer Society will be joining forces with residents of New Jersey and their dogs to take steps...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Last call for winter wildlife watching on Jersey coast

Record-breaking warm temperatures may be welcome to humans, but for wildlife it’s still winter. Late February and early March are great for wildlife watching in...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Without its ‘understory’ layer, the forest will collapse

Forrest Gump claimed life is like a box of chocolates, and a healthy forest is like a layer cake. At the bottom of the cake...

February is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease

No matter where you look in February, you’ll see a familiar symbol: a heart. This month, homes and stores everywhere are getting ready for...
MC2 Diana Quinlan

February’s magic moments at Guadalcanal

Whoever made the calendar had some days leftover, so they made February. With not enough days to be a real month, February had a...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: From whale songs to poetry, a remarkable journey

In 1968, biologists were working to unravel the mystery of the other-worldly sounds made by humpback whales. What did they mean? Looking for help, biologist...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: A cleaner, greener New Jersey

What will New Jersey be like in 30 years? If bold recommendations from Governor Murphy’s Environment and Energy Transition Team become reality, this state we’re...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: Let’s keep New Jersey the Garden State, not the Pipeline...

There’s been lots in the news lately about proposed new natural gas pipelines. And you've probably noticed serious opposition from landowners, environmental groups and...

THE STATE WE’RE IN: New Jersey’s winter hikes

Got cabin fever? If you’re already stir-crazy from spending too much time indoors this winter, it’s time to get out and hike, cross-country ski...
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