Harry Chapin’s Greatest Stories LIVE featuring The Chapin Family

Harry Chapin's Greatest Stories LIVE featuring The Chapin Family


Thu, May 16, 2024    
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


State Theatre New Jersey
15 livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901

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Two generations of the musical Chapin Family—Tom, Steve, and Jen Chapin, and The Chapin Sisters (Abigail and Lily) bring the songs of Harry Chapin to life. Backed by The Harry Chapin Band (including Big John Wallace and Howard Fields), the Family will perform Harry’s classic songs, including “Cat’s in The Cradle,” “Taxi,” “Mr. Tanner,” “Mail Order Annie,” “W•O•L•D,” “Circle,” and more.

Harry Chapin (1942-1981) was one of our most passionate, political, prolific, and inspiring songwriters. This Long Island icon has reached a milestone birthday—his 80th—and his family feels a celebration is in order!

In the long rich history of Family Groups in American Roots Music, The Chapin Family has a special place. When these singers, songwriters, and extraordinary live performers come together, magic happens. Tom Chapin, Steve Chapin, Jen Chapin, and The Chapin Sisters (Abigail Chapin and Lily Chapin) are all award-winning musical artists with active careers and multiple recordings, who just happen to be related, and who love making music together.