George Norcross’ Indictment Raises Alarm and Brings Major Shifts in New Jersey Politics


George Norcross, a powerful figure in New Jersey politics, is charged with racketeering and other crimes related to government-issued tax credits. His indictment signals a push for greater transparency and change in the state’s governance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prominent New Jersey political figure George Norcross has been charged with racketeering, affecting South Jersey’s politics and business.
  • The indictment signals a move towards greater accountability and transparency in New Jersey politics.
  • Camden residents are calling for change and more honest governance following the charges against Norcross.

George Norcross Indicted on Racketeering Charges

George E. Norcross III, a prominent figure in South Jersey politics, has been the subject of state and federal investigations for over twenty years.

Despite multiple investigations into his business dealings, no charges had been brought against him until now. 

This changed on Monday when New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin announced that Norcross and five others were charged with racketeering related to property developments along the Camden waterfront. 

This has sent shockwaves through the state’s political landscape.

Norcross’ Political Influence

For over 50 years, George Norcross has been a major player in New Jersey politics, especially in South Jersey. 

Even though he never held an elected office, his influence has shaped laws and party decisions for Democratic and Republican governors. 

Tina Zappile, from Stockton University, noted how hard it is to sum up his extensive impact in a few words.

The indictment claims Norcross led a group that used threats and coercion to gain property rights along the Camden waterfront, taking advantage of state tax credits he helped create. 

New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin accused Norcross of using his power for personal gain, leading to these serious charges.

The Charges: Coercion, Extortion, and Tax Credits

The indictment, announced by New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin, alleges that Norcross led a group that used coercion and extortion to acquire property and property rights along the Camden Waterfront, capitalizing on state tax credits he helped legislate. 

Alongside Norcross, his brother Philip and former Camden Mayor Dana Redd face similar charges.

Political Shifts and Legal Battles

This case is part of a larger movement towards more accountability in New Jersey politics. 

Senator Bob Menendez is currently facing a federal corruption trial, and Congressman Andy Kim has challenged the “county-line” ballot system, moving away from old political ways.

Zappile believes this change means there could be a scramble for power in the state, creating new opportunities for up-and-coming political figures. 

Norcross and Menendez claim they are innocent, and Norcross continues to hold influential roles at Cooper Health System and related institutions.

How Camden Residents Are Reacting

Camden residents have had mixed reactions to the indictment. Activist Ronsha Dickerson expressed relief and a sense of validation, criticizing Norcross’s long control over local leaders. 

Current Camden Mayor Vic Carstarphen acknowledged Norcross’ contributions to the city but stressed a move away from past practices.

Residents like Dickerson argue that Norcross’ developments mainly benefited the waterfront and didn’t help the broader community. 

They hope the indictment sends a message to other city officials involved in corruption.

Immediate Effects in South Jersey

The impact of the indictment has been felt in South Jersey boardrooms. John J. O’Donnell, CEO of The Michaels Organization, has stepped down to focus on his defense. 

There are also calls for William Tambussi to resign from the Rutgers Board of Governors because of his involvement in the case.

The charges have also highlighted Norcross’s former role at Holtec International, which received large tax breaks under controversial circumstances. 

The indictment shows how Norcross and his allies tried to control lucrative development projects in Camden, using tough tactics against competitors like developer Carl Dranoff.

Recorded Evidence and Legal Proceedings

The case against Norcross includes recordings of conversations from past investigations, capturing him making threats and discussing manipulative strategies. 

These tapes could be crucial if the case goes to trial, providing strong evidence of the alleged crimes.

Norcross’ lawyers dismiss the recordings as old and irrelevant, arguing that previous investigations based on the same evidence didn’t lead to charges. 

However, these recordings add weight to the current indictment.

Cooper Health System and Community Response

Despite the allegations, Cooper Health System has continued support for Norcross and other indicted board members, stressing their presumption of innocence. 

The health system’s growth under Norcross’ leadership has been significant, but the indictment raises questions about these achievements.

The community’s response has been mixed, with some calling for accountability and others supporting the accused. This reflects the complex legacy of Norcross’ influence in New Jersey politics.