Art Exhibition | Micheal Madigan + John McDevitt

Art Exhibition | Micheal Madigan + John McDevitt
Sat, Sep 24 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Morpeth Contemporary
43 West Broad St
Hopewell, NJ Mercer County 08525

Micheal Madigan | Paintings + John McDevitt | Sculpture

New, bold paintings by Madigan continue his longtime exploration of “resurfacing” visual and sensory memories of places. Colors, shapes, and textures all serve as evocations of places, from the coal and railroad regions of Pennsylvania to ancient lands in the Mediterranean. . In “Thru L’Occitane,” Madigan evokes the Pays Cathare region of France, melding memories of old structures in the mountain villages and the feeling of micro-climates in farmlands.

McDevitt’s sculptures are evocations of a very different nature. Included in the show are “Heavy Wait,” titled for the weight that people of color have carried; for hundreds of years they have waited for equality; and “Here Me,” a piece calling attention to domestic violence. While stemming from difficult topics, McDevitt’s pieces do provide some optimism about the possibility for change.