Suspect Arrested After Tragic Shooting in Carteret, NJ: One Dead, One Critically Wounded


A tragic shooting in Carteret, NJ, left one girl dead and another critically injured, with the suspect now ID’d and in custody. The incident caused widespread shock and prompted a swift police response, including a manhunt and lockdown of nearby schools.

Key Takeaways:

  • A shooting in Carteret, NJ, left one girl dead and another critically injured. The suspect is now in custody.
  • Business owners and residents share their experiences and reactions to the event.
  • The rapid police response included a lockdown of nearby schools and a manhunt that led to the suspect’s arrest.

Early Morning Shooting Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

On June 12, Wednesday morning, a shooting occurred on Roosevelt Avenue in Carteret, New Jersey, resulting in the tragic death of one girl and critical injuries to another. 

The incident took place shortly after 9 a.m. in a home’s driveway, causing immediate concern and a swift response from local authorities.

Local business owner Josh Lenoff described the scene: “They were on the driveway. They were laid out like they sustained injuries to their abdomen and their back.”

Both victims, identified as females, were quickly transported to trauma centers via medivac helicopters. Despite the medical efforts, one victim was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the other remains in critical condition.

Eyewitness Reactions and Community Impact

The shooting shocked everyone in Carteret. Witnesses thought the victims might have been high school-aged girls. 

Ramesh Desai, a business owner in the area for 25 years, said, “Scary. Been here 25 years and never saw anything like that.

Nearby Minue School, located half a mile from the scene, was placed on lockdown as a precaution, according to Mayor Dan Reiman’s office. This showed how serious the situation was for the community and authorities.

Manhunt and Suspect’s Capture

The suspect, believed to be a man between 20 and 30 years old, became the focus of a city-wide manhunt. Police used K-9 units and armored vehicles, searching the area for hours.

Neighbor Ana Santiago’s Ring video captured the intense moment when heavily armed police confronted the suspect in a backyard on Post Boulevard. 

Officers ordered the man to drop to the ground, leading to his arrest in Orlando Suarez’s backyard.

Orlando Suarez described what happened: “I just saw him run into the backyard. He just runs right into the backyard.” 

Earlier, his father Elias Suarez had a brief encounter with the suspect, who seemed upset and asked for water, not knowing he was wanted for the shooting.

Elias shared his experience: “I knew something was off with him. He just didn’t seem right. He was agitated. He just asked for a cup of water. He looked like he was running through the woods. It must have happened like five or 10 minutes after he shot somebody. Honestly.

Community’s Response and Ongoing Investigation

The suspect’s capture brought a sense of relief, yet the community remains shaken. 

Santiago, who witnessed the arrest, expressed the community’s anxiety: “He’s right here! Because all day long, you’re looking around and keep asking yourself, is the mayor going to post anything? Has he been captured? Is he long gone from Carteret?

The investigation continues as authorities try to understand the motive behind the shooting. 

Detectives ask anyone with information to contact Detective Keith Cassens of the Carteret Police Department at 732-541-3852 or Detective Javier Morillo of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at 732-745-8843.

This tragic event has left the community mourning the loss of one young life and hoping for the recovery of another. 

The quick police response and the community’s cooperation show their strength in facing such a tragedy.