Most brand-loyal car lines

Though U.S. car buyers tend to be more fickle than they might have been back in the fiercely brand loyal 1950s and ’60s, getting repeat business remains a priority for automakers. The top brands can hold onto 60 percent or more of their customers at trade-in time, according to a recent analysis of loyalty rates compiled by Experian Automotive in Schaumburg, Ill.

The leading line in that regard is Subaru, with 67.7 percent of its customers returning to buy another of the automaker’s models. Here’s a list of 10 brands that enjoy the greatest customer retention rates, based on Experian’s analysis of nearly 6.8 million transactions that occurred between October 2014 and September 2015:

  1. Subaru, 67.7 percent
  2. Ford, 66.7 percent
  3. Mercedes-Benz, 65.1 percent
  4. Toyota, 63.5 percent
  5. Kia, 63.2 percent
  6. Hyundai, 61.3 percent
  7. Nissan, 61.1 percent
  8. Chevrolet, 60.7 percent
  9. Lexus, 60.7 percent
  10. Honda, 59.9 percent

— Jim Gorzelany
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