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Chris Smith understands the science of babies

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

In response to Larry Furman’s letter to the editor endorsing Lorna Phillipson for Congress and claiming Congressman Chris Smith does not believe science, I wish to clarify the belief of Congressman Smith (or any pro-life person for that matter) and explain the science and logic behind that belief.

When two humans procreate, whether by choice, by accident, or even by rape or incest, the result is always human. Science says the two humans each contribute one half of the chromosomes that create one human being.  Procreation creates new life in the species of the procreators. Observe how every birth from a human mother is human.

Using science to map the DNA of that fetus, we learn that the fetus’ DNA is unique, not identical to that of its mother or its father. He or she is not just a part of its mother’s body. Science understands that a pregnant woman’s body suppresses its own immune system in order to prevent it from attacking the fetus, since the immune system sees the fetus as a foreign body, not part of itself. Observe how children are not exactly identical to either parent, but are unique individuals.

Combining these two facts, we understand that a fetus is a human individual.  In the United States of America, human individuals have inalienable rights.  Life is the most basic right. One of the basic responsibilities of any politician in America is to protect the human rights of individuals. Congressman Smith is just performing this minimal requirement of his job.

John Lieder

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