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Metuchen school board members greet new year

Staff Writer

METUCHEN — The Board of Education reorganized with the swearing in of an incumbent and two new members.

Incumbent Jonathan Lifton took his seat for his third term, and Eric Suss and Alicia Sneddon Killean took their seats at the dais for their first three-year term at a meeting on Jan. 3.

A meeting last month was the last meeting for board member Michael Stern, who did not seek a second term during the November election, and John Mindler, who had served on the board since the end of February 2016 and lost his bid seeking his first full term.

Mindler said it was a rewarding 10 months to have served on the board having a front row seat to honors of exceptional athletes and students’ [academic performance] to theatrical and choral performances throughout the year.

“I hope the board can continue to work together and look at problems,” he said. “I hope you can push forward the investigation and implementation of full-day kindergarten and be proactive in your efforts in dealing with the potentially expanding population.”

Mindler further said he hopes the board can continue moving forward the technology plan and continue the support of family and staff of special education programs.

Stern shared Mindler’s sentiments and gave his thanks to school officials and his fellow board members.

At the reorganization meeting, Dan Benderly was nominated to serve as board president, and Merrill Lunt was nominated to serve as board vice president.

Benderly, who has served on the board for nine years, said he thanked his fellow board members for putting their trust in him to serve as board president.

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