Congress must support Medicare Advantage

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

When I was working as a teacher, access to quality health care was not top of mind for me, as I was healthy and active and had great benefits through the state. But with age, I have been exposed to various health obstacles, and it’s changed how I view health care. Because of that, I am incredibly thankful for the coverage Medicare Advantage provides me.

At a consistently affordable rate, Medicare Advantage delivers quality health care services. There are a number of benefits that I utilize frequently, but my favorite one is telehealth. I began using telehealth at the start of the pandemic because I had access to my doctor without exposing myself to the virus. Even though things have gone back to the new normal, I’ve continued to use telehealth because of its convenience, and it’s made managing healthcare a lot easier.

When I talk to friends who are eligible for Medicare Advantage, I always recommend the program because the plans can be tailored to fit specific health needs – while keeping premiums at a minimum. Most people can’t believe it when I say average premiums are less than $20 per month.

Going forward, I hope Congress remembers the value and quality Medicare Advantage brings to seniors like me; I urge every elected official to continue to support this program.

Celia Henne 
East Brunswick

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