LETTERS TO THE EDITOR for the week of 1/15/16


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Thank you to two longtime librarians 
To the editor:
As a loyal patron of the Twin Rivers branch of the Mercer County Library System for more than 27 years, a long-term interim pool librarian at several branches from 1998-2002 and a permanent part-time librarian at the Twin Rivers branch back in 2003, I am sorry to see the “face” of the Twin Rivers branch changing.
We lost two very valuable long-term librarians to retirement. Sharon retired at the end of December and Ina followed shortly after. Since there wasn’t any public farewell party, I would like to thank you both for all your years of service to our community and to wish both of you a long happy retirement. It won’t be the same without you. 
Karen Richtman 
and the Richtman family 
East Windsor 
President’s actions will help curb gun violence 
To the editor: 
I applaud President Obama for taking concrete action to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in America. His executive actions will make a significant contribution to reducing the estimated 40 percent of gun sales that have no background checks — especially of guns sold at gun shows or online.
I’m also pleased that the president is adding the resources of the federal government to improving gun safety technology (smart guns), a public health approach which dramatically reduced deaths from auto accidents. Ceasefire NJ was proud to have spearheaded the first Childproof Handgun Bill in the nation in 2002, but its implementation has been stymied by resistance, and even death threats, from the NRA. This may finally help it come into existence.
I applaud the president for not scapegoating severely mentally ill people for gun violence, but instead seeking major new funding to treat such people. Finally, I applaud incorporating more data, including from the Social Security Administration to prevent those with disabling mental illnesses from buying guns.
Further information can be obtained by visiting peacecoalition.org, or by calling 609-924-5022. 
The Rev. Robert Moore 
Princeton 
The writer is executive director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action, under which Ceasefire NJ — the state’s largest and oldest gun violence prevention group — is a project. 

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