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Public encouraged to acknowledge EMS personnel this week

While most New Jerseyans hunkered down during the Jan. 23 blizzard, members of the Oceanport First Aid Squad were busy, literally, saving a life. During the same storm, a Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps crew helped deliver a baby. Not long before that, an 18-year-old EMT with the Wantage First Aid Squad helped deliver twins at a patient’s home.

Although these efforts seem especially noteworthy due to their extenuating circumstances, they actually represent events that occur every day throughout the state, with little or no fanfare. Often, the people rushing to help are volunteers.

Emergency medical services (EMS) volunteers serve their communities in every New Jersey county, responding 24/7, weekends, holidays and in any weather. It can be a difficult, thankless task at times, but if it were easy, everyone would do it.

During national EMS Week, May 15-21, I encourage everyone to acknowledge the EMS providers in their communities — especially the volunteers.

Joseph G. Walsh Jr.
EMS Council of New Jersey

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