Caucus encourages women to ‘Get Out to Vote’


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With New Jersey gearing up for the primary election on June 7, it is important that women in Monmouth County be informed of the Monmouth County Democratic Women’s Caucus (MCDWC) and also get out to vote.

MCDWC believes this is the “Year of the Woman,” with the strong possibility of the first woman being elected as president of the United States on Nov. 8.

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The MCDWC was established in 2012 to facilitate the increase of women in political office, to build a sustainable power base and to influence policy. We actively recruit and support women running for office with training, mentoring and fundraising. We also support the promotion of women in politics, nationally and locally.

Recent Monmouth County statistics show a trend upward for women in political office. In 2015, we identify one state assemblywoman, three female mayors, 26 council women and 12 women municipal chairs. This indicates there is still a need for more women to be elected.

It is alarming in 2016 that we are still fighting for equal pay. Women make 80 percent per dollar to men and women of color make approximately 50 percent to their white male counterpart. The New Jersey Equal Pay bill (S-992), which protects women from facing wage discrimination, passed both houses in the Legislature.

However, on May 2, Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed the bill. We hope it will be signed into law very soon.

We all know too well that women did not have the right to vote until 1923 – less than 100 years ago. “Get Out to Vote” is our first act toward participating in the political process. With the support and strength the MCDWC provides, we hope this will encourage more women candidates to get involved. It is vitally important to voice our opinions.

MCDWC wants all women to get out to vote and feel empowered to run for political office.

Veverly Wyche
Chair – Communications
Millstone Township

Robin Blair
Co-Chair – Communications

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