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by Damian Holbrook
TV Guide Magazine

Cheers to the Joy of Six
History’s SEAL Team Six drama about a band of brothers led by Barry Sloane (Revenge) has big-screen action galore, as well as smaller emotional moments that reveal the heartbreaking cost of their heroics.

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Cheers to Scandal
for its first lady in waiting. Can someone please get
Bellamy Young a damn Emmy?! Whether she’s facing her own failed run for the Oval Office with valor or boozing it up behind closed doors with Liv, her Mellie Grant is one politician we can get behind these days.

Jeers to Mr. Clean
for trying to be dirty. Sorry, but that Super Bowl ad with the CGI spokesman bumping and grinding his bald, pasty self all over a woman’s living room wasn’t sexy, it was scary. What’s next, Mrs. Butterworth twerkin’ hard for the money?

Jeers to 24: Legacy for lacking a legacy character. We love, love, love the Bauer-less reboot, and Corey Hawkins is a bona fide star. But damn it, we miss Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe.

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