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Hazlet committee introduces township budget

HAZLET – The Hazlet Township Committee introduced this year’s municipal budget with little discussion.

The total 2017 budget amount is $20,882,260.74 and the amount to be raised by taxation is $13,656,621.25.

“The homeowners’ taxes are expected to remain flat this year and there are not any significant changes from the previous year in the municipal budget,” Chief Financial Officer Meredith Nelson said.

Mayor Sue Kiley, Deputy Mayor Scott Aagre and Committeeman Michael Glackin voted yes on the introduction. Commiteewoman Barbara Ronchetti and Committeeman James DiNardo abstained from the vote.

The committee was expected to host a special budget workshop meeting on June 13.

“We are still finalizing the budget. We are anticipating a zero percent increase in the municipal budget; however, we are a small part of the tax dollar. The school taxes, which are close to 70 percent of the tax dollar, are going up. So residents will see an increase that we on the Township Committee have no control over. We do get aid from the state, so when we know that amount we will factor that in as well,” Kiley said.

Before voting on this year’s municipal budget, the committee introduced an ordinance that, if approved, will allow the township to exceed its appropriation cap limit for this year’s municipal budget, from one half percent to three percent. For the next two years, if needed, this appropriation cap limit increase will allow the township to bank or reserve future appropriation capacity in case of future emergencies.

The next hearing for this ordinance is on June 20, according to the committee agenda.

“This cap is separate and distinct from the more familiar tax levy cap, which is on the revenue side of the ledger, which is what impacts the tax rate. Accordingly, it does not affect the levy, rate or actual property tax bill. This authorization lapses if not reauthorized, which is why it is routine to annually do at or before the time the budget is introduced,” Nelson said.

For more information about the 2017 municipal budget, visit www.hazlettwp.org/financialdoc or call 732-264-1700.

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