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Poyner, Harris to lead Edison Township Council

John Poyner

The Edison Township Council has reorganized with new leadership.

Councilman John Poyner was nominated and selected – 5-2 – as council president and Councilwoman Margot Harris – 6-1 – was nominated and selected as council vice president at a reorganization meeting on Jan. 4.

Councilman Richard Brescher and Councilwoman Joyce Ship-Freeman voted against Poyner’s nomination. Ship-Freeman voted against Harris’ nomination.

Poyner thanked his council colleagues for the privilege and faith they entrusted in him to serve as council president for 2023.

“Even with the tremendous stride of achievements of 2022, we know plenty of work still [lies] ahead,” he said. “As we finalize our master plan, we need to ensure we take the necessary measures in adjusting our laws to reflect the desired goals and objectives.

“This includes additional guidelines on uses such as warehouses, billboards, storage facilities and duplexes.

“We must act to protect our environment [by] reviewing items such as net zero initiatives, green purchasing practices, deterrents and enforcement against clear cutting and updating tree replacement guidelines,” Poyner said.

The council president said officials “must continue to develop plans of action and make the required investments necessary to upgrade the township’s aged infrastructure.”

“We must keep making the technological advances necessary to maintain excellent services for the taxpayers of Edison,” he said. “We must continue implementing projects and programs that improve the quality of life for residents including providing economic opportunity and promoting physical and psychological well-being.”

Poyner said he looks forward to collaborating with his colleagues on numerous initiatives they have brought forth both in the past and going forward.

He also requested residents to stay engaged in local politics and continue providing feedback on township items.

Harris said she was “honored, grateful and humbled” to serve as council vice president. She said council members sit on the dais at the “behest” of the public.

“I’m looking forward to the partnership with Councilman Poyner,” she said, noting they have a great working relationship and complement their strengths and weaknesses well. “I’m excited to work with my fellow council members. I’m grateful for the support.”

Harris said they have done so much “at warped speed” to get Mayor Sam Joshi’s agenda passed in 2022.

“There are so many wonderful things happening in this town,” she said. “I’m looking forward to another active year on council.”

Harris said she welcomes all the feedback from the public and fellow council members.

Margot Harris
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