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Resident supports Phillipson for Congress

As a retired family nurse practitioner and resident of New Jersey for 40 years, I am appalled at Congressman Chris Smith’s (R-NJ) voting record. He has consistently voted against legislation that would protect basic rights, such as wage equality and funding for long-term patients on Medicaid, and he voted to end Medicare as we know it.

His opposition to a woman’s right to choose would also deny women access to significant preventative health care benefits related to necessary screenings for diseases. He voted against the Violence Against Women’s Act and introduced H.R. 3, a bill that would redefine rape as “forcible rape,” thereby further demoralizing victims of this horrible crime and discouraging them from reporting the crime.

He has opposed the Uniform Background Check bill, H.R. 1565, while our country witnesses the horrors of gun violence. Despite its nationwide acceptance, Congressman Smith also opposes marriage equality.

Notwithstanding scientific evidence of climate change and its serious effects on our health and environment, Congressman Smith made it clear he would oppose any legislation on climate change unless it was tied to tax breaks for the biggest polluters (e.g. the Koch brothers).

Congressman Smith’s voting record is open for examination as a matter of public record. After more than 30 years in office, it is more than disturbing and time to vote him out of office. I will cast my vote for Lorna Phillipson

Flo Foley
Upper Freehold Township

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