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‘Served our community well’

A 1990s Union Fire Company Peterbilt tanker has been retired and donated to the New Jersey Fire Museum.

Tanker 53 was taken out of service and donated to the museum in Allentown on Aug. 17.

The tanker served Hopewell Valley for more than 30 years until “mechanical woes” made it impractical to maintain, according to Mike Chipowsky, former Hopewell Township police chie.

Photo courtesy of Mike Chipowsky

Kurt Pederson, chief of the Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad, was the one to drive the tanker to the museum.

“This tanker served our community well and now it will be part of the truck collection at the museum where it will be viewed by many,” Pederson said.

The tanker was owned by the Hopewell Township Fire District and operated by the Union Fire Company of Titusville.

Photo courtesy of Mike Chipowsky
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