Skillman resident supports ‘Respecting Parents team’ for Montgomery school board


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I’m reaching out to my Montgomery Township neighbors who are concerned about our schools, taxes and property values. As our rankings across all ranking entities have been declining, and our tax obligations rise, we need to make a change.

My three children attend Montgomery schools, starting when the high school ranked No. 2 in New Jersey. Among all ranking services, Montgomery Township School District rankings have been steadily declining for the last six years, and this year the New Jersey Department of Education ranked Montgomery High School at 103rd place (down 52 places from the 2017-18 rank)! Not one Montgomery school cracks the top 500 of all schools in the state in either summative scores or ratings.

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Our district only ranks as high as it does due to parents’ investment in tutors, learning centers, college prep and coaching. This on top of 69% of our property taxes going to our schools.

This year there are six candidates running for three open positions on the Montgomery Township Board of Education (BOE). Having attended board meetings in person, I have been disappointed that the incumbents are not transparent, forthcoming or responsive to residents’ concerns about curriculum, expenditures or policies. There is no accountability to residents’ questions or comments via the public comment forum or emails. Very little if any time is spent by the board discussing academics. Parents’ rights have been subjugated.

I have gotten to know three residents running for the BOE this year. They exhibit common sense, intelligence, dedication and sincerity. All are committed to doing the best for our students and supporting parents and teachers. None have any other “agenda” for being on the BOE other than putting students on track to have a successful academic experience and a happy, fulfilling life and maximizing tax dollars used on academics.

I fully support the team of Santi Buscemi, Deatte Gettinger and John Sangiovanni, the Respecting Parents team: An experienced educator, a caring healthcare professional and a successful business leader. They bring just the right mix of academic experience, compassion and business acumen. Just what’s needed on our BOE. Restore decorum, competence and trust in our BOE. Vote Column A!

Janet Church


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