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Solutions 8/23: Columbia professor Jeffrey Saks speaks out on warming Earth

By Huck Fairman Daily reports this week from many news sources have been listing the dangerous changes that mankind is seeing on the planet. These include:...

The State We’re In 8/23: Diamondback terrapins, our salt marsh turtles

By Michele S. Byers Why did the turtle cross the road? On a mid-July day, a diamondback terrapin tried to cross busy 2nd Avenue in downtown...

Letter to the Editor: An agreement that hurts us all

To the Editor: “Nimble” – that was the word reliable political crony Andrew Borders wrote in his recent letter to the editor to describe the...

Solutions 8/16: Food & soil shortages: The planet’s declining ability to feed its growing...

By Huck Fairman This week, a new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned, on top of its 2018 evaluation, that both...

The State We’re In 8/16: Nature can slow climate change

By Michele S. Byers It’s hard to be optimistic in the face of climate change. For instance, just this past week we learned July was...

Letter to the Editor: Reparations? ….Hmmm

To the Editor: The impact of slavery, over the 400 years of the African American experience in America, cannot in any way be measured in...

The State We’re In 8/9: Blue-green algae blooms taking the splash out of summer

By Michele S. Byers At New Jersey’s freshwater lakes and reservoirs, summer usually means long days of swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, wading, water-skiing, rafting and...

Letter to the Editor: Future picture for BMS site becomes clearer

To the Editor: The future has begun for the Bristol Myers Squibb site off Pennington-Rocky Hill and Titus Mill Roads in Hopewell Township, with South...

Letter to the Editor: The township majority said ‘yes’

To the Editor: Just how is it possible that those allegedly so dedicated to opposing the PennEast Pipeline could be in favor of chemical works...

Health Matters 8/2: Injuries throw athletes a curve ball

By Barbara Kutch, P.T. Throwing a ball may look fairly easy to the average person, but there is more involved in the action than just...

The State We’re In 8/2: 60 years of farming left? 

By Michele S. Byers The Dust Bowl of the 1930s was one of the worst man-made disasters in our history. Due to poor farming practices and...

Letter to the Editor: Hopewell Township under siege

To the Editor: It strikes me that our way of life in Hopewell Township is under siege. Not just because the township majority, with John Hart...

Letter to the Editor: Pizza boxes, plastic bags are hampering recycling efforts

To the Editor: Pizza boxes are cardboard and therefore should be recyclable, right? Nope. The problem is the once cheesy goodness leaves a greasy residue...

Solutions 7/26: Our future and our responses

By Huck Fairman As many Americans look back 50 years at the extraordinary national effort to send men to the Moon, we find ourselves facing...

The State We’re In 7/26: Saving rare Pickering’s morning glories

By Michele S. Byers Anyone who has planted “garden variety” morning glories knows how easily they grow. These showy annuals climb like crazy and produce...

Letter to the Editor: Hopewell Township’s voice in Washington D.C.

To the Editor: Thanks to Hopewell Township Mayor Kristin McLaughlin’s efforts, the township – specifically – has had a voice in Washington D.C., and on...

Solutions 7/19: Record heat – Hottest month in human history

By Huck Fairman This June was the hottest month ever recorded in human history. The previous record was set in June 2016. Every month this...

The State We’re In 7/19: Gas pipelines carry hidden costs: ‘a tale of two...

By Michele S. Byers Someone once said “the best things in life are free.” But even “free” things like air, water and the quiet enjoyment...
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